Zhan Mukanov has been married since 2007
Wife - Espenbetova Perizat Malimbaevna 06/18/1985
Business woman, has a salon of evening dresses. Mother of lovely 6 children. Aslanbek, Ayanat, Chingiz, Zara, Zere, Asylzhan
For Zhan Mukanov, his business partners are his family. In 2013, fate tied him with Alexander Yaryshev and Orozaly Asan. It was these people who were there in all its ups and downs, and now, after 7 years, they are united not only by a common business, but also by common views and plans for life. Alexander is the father of beautiful twins Emin and Jasmine, and Asan is the father of two beautiful weather girls, Ramina and Ramis. Both Alexander and Asan made Zhan Mukanov the godfather of their children, for Jean this is a huge gesture of respect and for him these children are like family.
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